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The definition of intention…

To have in mind a purpose or a plan, to direct the mind, to aim.

Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. Setting an intention is not the same as setting a goal. Goal setting is focused on outcomes; intentions are more about how you live in the present. If you set your intentions based on what’s most important to you right now, it will add a sense of integrity to your life.

Live life and be enlightened.

In the Indian tradition, life is said to have four aims—wealth, pleasure, ethical conduct, or goodness, and enlightenment—and they are meant to be held in balance. What would your life be like if you were to cultivate each of:

Wealth: Resources that sustain your life: skills, education, job, money, housing, food, clothing

Pleasure: Every form of healthy enjoyment: sports; sex; theater, literature, music, and art; practicing your own form of creative expression

Ethical Conduct: Earning a living honestly, taking care of responsibilities, acting morally and according to your highest values, helping others

Enlightenment: Realizing your deepest nature; recognizing the oneness of everything; pursuing practices such as yoga, meditation, and spiritual study to make this possible

Be enlightened

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